Goldilocks Online Slots from Quickspin

Goldilocks is slots game from Quickspin that features five reels and 25 paylines for players to work with. Free spins are provided for, and a multiplier of up to four is also on offer. There are regular and multiplier wild symbols, and the minimum bet for play is .25, the maximum 125. The top award for this game is a walloping 20 000.

As hinted at by the name, the faerie tale most players will remember from their childhood is the theme for this online slots game, and it allows for players to imagine how much fun they would have had were they ever as badly behaved as this little girl. There are a number of themed prizes available for various outcomes as well, including one for meeting the father, mother and baby bear, and a variety of excellent bonus games and features for players to enjoy, including wilds; scatters; free spins and a bears turn wild feature. Stakes for the free version of the game are set to the maximum 25 lines available for play and a .1 coin bet, but extra stakes are provided in the real money version.

How Play Unfolds During Goldilocks Slots

Goldilocks was not allowed to enter the forest at all, and she very nearly ended up regretting disobeying her parents and going ahead anyway. The game’s forest is a dense one, with a thick layer of trees blocking out much of the sunlight, and the naughty little girl very nearly pays the ultimate price for her defiance, narrowly escaping a possibly violent end at the hands of the bear family whose space she invades so thoughtlessly. The slots game makes it worth the player’s while to explore the wayward side of their natures however, as there is considerable treasure to be found as she explores their territory.

Prizes and Bonus Games for Goldilocks Slots

All of the bonus games and prizes available for Goldilocks slots players at online casinos stand to be won at any time, with the bottom end of this group being located in the letters and numbers that are lying in the forest. Players need to collect between three and five matching symbols in order to win a prize, and these vary between two and 100 coins. There are a range of larger payouts awarded should players manage to meet the bear family, however, with the mother; baby and teddy paying out 200 coins and the father a total of 250.

There are four bonus symbols provided for players during Goldilocks online slots, and these are the regular wilds; porridge-bowl wilds; Goldilocks free spins and Goldilocks scatters.

The regular wilds have two functions: they are able to stand in for all of the base symbols in order to create winning lines, and they are also able to award instant cash wins of up to 1 000 coins when multiples appear on a line. The porridge bowl wilds are also able to stand in for regular icons, and the prizes awarded for these are dependent on how many appear: one will multiply wins by two; three will increase them by three times and three will quadruple them.

Free spins symbols are able to appear on the second; third and fourth reels, and will trigger ten free spins if they appear simultaneously, and can possibly multiply bets by up to three times. The scatters will trigger the bears gone wild feature, in which the father bear turns wild along with the mother bear and baby and two extra free spins will be added to the player’s total.