Tips for Casino Players to Try out Blackjack

While poker might be the world’s most popular card game, blackjack is certainly not far behind, with countless millions of players from across the globe. Unlike many other casino games that rely exclusively on chance, blackjack stands apart in that the player is able to exert some control over the game, and even shift the odds in their favour.

For beginner blackjack players that want to start earning more money from their games, check out these useful and help hints and tips.

Find Liberal Playing Rules

Not all casinos have the same rules when it comes to blackjack, and it’s recommended that a player take the time to find a game that has liberal rules. Finding a table at a casino or online that has a payout of 3 to 2, for example, is a good place to start, as it means better winnings if the cards come out in the favour of the player. Avoiding rules that have a payoff of 6 to 5 is always recommended, as the house has a clear and defined edge that will make it that much more difficult for the player to get ahead.

Learn Basic Strategy

Like gamblers of Mac pokies acquiring knowledge about the basics, players should learn that blackjack is unique in that there is a definitive and optimal method of playing that offers a better edge for the player. Studied by mathematicians for the better part of a century, many experts and pros have come up with a basic playing strategy that all beginners will want to learn and put into practice as much as they possibly can. The basic playing strategy should be used for every single hand if possible, as it can reduce the house edge to less than 1% if done as consistently as a player can manage.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Skip the Luck Fallacy

Commonly believed among players both amateur and veteran, the luck fallacy revolves around a player believing that even after countless rounds of losing, their luck will eventually change and they’ll score a better hand at some point. This fallacy is fairly dangerous and based on extremely faulty logic: blackjack is inherently a game of chance, and it’s theoretically possible to lose a thousand times in a row, so putting money down on the whims of fate is sure to lead to losses. Always keep in mind that the cards are without bias, and that they will always be subject to the rules of probability.

Avoid Insurance Wagers

Most tables will offer players an insurance wager, which may seem quite appealing at face value, but it’s one that is considered a sucker bet by most pros, and should be avoided at all costs. Here, the player is wagering that the dealer has a face down card with a value of ten that can go with their ace. The insurance wager that pays out does so at a value of 2-1, but the odds of winning are much worse than 2-1, meaning that it’s essentially a bet used to ensure that the house will win the round.