How social media is used to promote casinos

In New Zealand social media is used by everyone and is the perfect way to advertise anything.  Online casinos have realised that social media is a great way to attract new players to their casinos as well as offer their long time, loyal players extra incentives.

Popular social media platforms used today include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram.  Online casinos create profiles on these various platforms and are then able to interact with their current players and attract new players to visit their online site.  The only hitch with online casino gaming is that often players are not that ready to share how they enjoy online gaming, but there are various strategies that online casinos use to attract players and at the same time increase their sales.

Advertising and Updating with Social Media

Online casinos will often post promotions and bonus codes on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  Advertising only on the casino site will not attract as many players as advertising them on social media.  Many more players will have access to them.  Online casinos also make use of these platforms to share the biggest payouts of the month for example and this gives the casino credibility which shows any new players that players do actually win and that the casino takes an interest in them.  An online casino that advertises tournaments, giveaways and sweepstakes will create much interest among players and is a great way to attract players.  These promotions are also helpful to the casino as they are able to collect certain information which is helpful for marketing with the aim of offering their players high quality gaming.

YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest

YouTube is a great way to share new games. New Zealand players can look at these new games together with a demo of how the game is played which is very helpful if a player is not sure if they will enjoy the game or how to play it.  Online casinos can also share demos of their games on Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms for New Zealanders to show off their pictures and hobbies.  Players can post pictures of their favourite casino game which will help others discover new casinos and games.

Most online casino players looking for information on an online casino or game will look online to see what others have to say.  Most players will first look at the social media platforms for customer service and they expect a timeous response as well as 24 hour support all year round.  It is logical then that online casinos that have a social media presence will have a growth in real money slots players.

A Sense of Community

Social media gives everyone a sense of community and most people will be attracted to a site that gives back to the community. Online casinos can use social media to show their players how they have contributed to worthy causes or have given to charities.  In this way casinos will gain credibility among their players as well as showing new players that they are interested in their communities.

Social media is the best way to get information out into the world. Most people will have alerts set on their phones and will be constantly updated when new information is posted. Online casinos can only benefit from social media and is the best way to share information.