Reviewing Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge Online Slot

The Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot game is a creation of Next Gen. It stands apart for having a number of unique game play designs. So many, in fact, that new players to the game may be initially confused at the unusual setup. The first thing noticeable is that the Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot game has two completely separate play areas, one below and one above. The lower section is where the majority of the game will occur.

Upon starting a game the player will be confined to the lower window. Upon bonus points being won, however, which can be done by matching certain symbols, the upper section will become unlocked. Play may be switched to the upper window by pressing the appropriate button. So what’s the big deal about the upper window? The Jackpot Jester Nudge symbol, which is the player’s best friend and the fastest way to get crazy big wins.

Special Features

As in some internet casino pokies at, in the Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot game, the wild symbol always occupies three spaces, from top to bottom on the reels. If only one wild symbol appears upon the reels being stopped, the jesters will nudge up or down, until filling the reel. This is important because the game uses a three reel, 5 betting line system. Hence, the jesters will grant almost guaranteed matching sequences upon appearing on the reels.

Other then the two play area setup and nudging jesters, the Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot game has very little else in terms of bonuses. The only special win to look out for is if the jesters occupy all spaces in the top play area. This will grant an enormous payout big enough that the player may just get up and dance like a jester.

Visuals and Symbol Designs

It must be said that the Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot game has a rather unique aesthetic. Since the player areas are so compact, a lot of background space is visible. To occupy this space Next Gen has designed the game to appear as is it was on a real world slot game, with the area behind the game housing an enormous fish tank. Digital fishes swim about in the tank, and the result is rather convincing, especially since some of the fish behave in very believable ways. This visual feast, accompanied by the game’s calm music, creates an extremely pleasing experience.

The symbol designs in the Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot game borrow from the early days of slot games. Players will be seeing strawberries, lemons, cherries and bells, which aren’t exactly what could be called original, but the design choice fits very well with the rest of the game. If anything can be said about the symbols, there are very clear in which how a higher value.

Play It Now

The Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge slot game is available to play directly on desktop computer, via a browser, or on mobile phone or tablet. Download the game to your phone by searching for it in the application store.