Apocalypse Cow Fruit Machine Details for Internet Slots Players

Apocalypse Cow is an online fruit machine developed and released by Microgaming. As the title implies, it is loosely themed around the classic film Apocalypse Now, only with a bovine theme.  As an online fruit machine, it only features a single pay line that requires three matching symbols to be lined up in order to activate a payout.

There are three reels that feature a selection of classic mechanical slot machine symbols. There is no Auto play option or progressive jackpots. The maximum payout is awarded by a 500x wager multiplier. This game is not available for mobile play.

It also does not offer free spins, instead there is a unique bonus round that plays like a board game that can award a variety of prizes and multipliers. In game coins are used to wager on the pay line. The minimum wager to activate this single pay line is £0.10. The value of the wager coin can be adjusted to a maximum of £10.00 per spin.

The Apocalypse Cow Pay Outs

All pay outs activate when a players lines up three matching symbols on the single pay line. There are 9 symbols that appear on the three spinning rows. Three matching cherry symbols offer a 1x pay out on your wager. Three bar symbols pay out 2x your wager. The green double bar symbols are worth 3X your wager. From here the pay outs increase exponentially.

Three yellow lemons are worth 8x your wager. Triple 7s will pocket players a 10x wager multiplier. The watermelon symbols pay out 20x your wager. The dog tags and helicopter symbols will award 40x and 80x your wager respectively. The biggest paying symbols is the Apocalypse Cow Jackpot symbol.

The Apocalypse Cow Nudge and Hold Features

Just like a real fruit machine, Apocalypse Cow features Nudge and Hold buttons. Nudges and Holds are awarded randomly and can be activate as soon as you have collected at least one. The nudge will bump the reels, dropping them one symbol down to potentially trigger a win. The hold button lets you freeze certain reels in place, which is a great way to collect the T-Bone symbols.

Bonus Feature

The T-bone steak symbols will trigger the unique Apocalypse Cow bonus round. Some symbols that appear on the reels will also have a T-Bone symbol appear with them. Line up three of these and you will be taken to a new screen that features a board game style layout. Players now simply click on the spin button that will move a cursor along the play field of the bonus game. Wherever it lands it will award the prize of the square it stops on. Landing on the question mark symbol will end this bonus feature.

Players can click on the collect button at any point to collect their winnings. It is a good idea to collect as soon as you win some prizes since it is very risky to try and keep winning more and more. Prizes include cash prizes, a retry on the unique bonus game that is called an extra life and represented by the heart symbol. You can also win extra win multipliers, up to a maximum of 30x your wager.