Baccarat, The Card Game Of Fortune!

Baccarat is a card game which is played at casinos and is also one of the simplest games to learn. The game originated in Italy 5 centuries ago, thereafter many variants of the game were formed. We put a halt to our history lesson right here.

Baccarat is a game which has many unique styles attached to it, having its own European version, American version and many more such variants. The most common one of the lot is the North American Baccarat which can only be won with a good share of good luck. usually provides the Baccarat players with a separated area to play the game, so that they have a better sense of secrecy and security. A baccarat is similar in size to a craps table and usually has 3 dealers serving each table. Around 14 people could be accommodated. The rules of a baccarat game are not that hard to learn. The game is played between 2 parties namely the “Player” and the “Banker”. There can be three possible outcomes, a win for the player, a win for the banker or a tie. It is the kind of game which attracts wealthy players to it, much like honey attracts flies.


Baccarat is a game in which you deal with the cards from one deck or a specific number of decks (it is said “the fewer the better”), sometimes by the dealer or sometimes by a player (depending from casino to casino), and the player with the highest hand wins the round. The method for evaluation of a hand in Baccarat is as follows:


  • The cards 2-9 have their face value.
  • 10’s, J’s, Q’s and K’s always point to a null , i.e. 0.
  • The Ace has “1” as its value.
  • Every player is dealt with 2 cards, and the rightmost digit of the sum of the cards is considered to be the value of their hand.
  • For example, a player receiving the cards 3 and 5, is said to have the number 8 as a hand value, but a player receiving the cards 7 and 5, adding to 12, has a hand value of 2!
  • The lowest value of a hand is 0 and the highest is 9.


Sounds really easy and fun to play, doesn’t it? The above mentioned rules teach you basics and plan to give you an overall picture of the game. With a house edge of 1.36% if betting on the just almost like the game of craps. Every game in the world of gambling requires your luck scale to be high and your level of guts at par with your luck. You can really try your luck and dare to become a millionaire and make fast bucks! So, go on a roller coaster ride in the puzzling game of Baccarat.