Steering Clear of Gambling Addiction

Online casinos have made gambling so much easier and accessible, but they’ve also increased the opportunities for problem gamblers to get hooked. The best online casinos all ensure players can implement responsible gambling practices and self-imposed limits can be set if desired. This makes it easier to avoid a gambling addiction and to stay in control of wagering and the time you spend online.

If you feel you may have a gambling addiction or are worried about someone else close to you, there are several signs that you can look out for. Even one of these signs can indicate a problem and players should always keep their habits in check.

Lying about Gambling

Lying about playing habits is one of the key indicators of pathological gambling and players who have to hide the time or money they spend playing casino games have a clear problem. These lies can easily get out of hand and can hurt your family or loved ones and even affect your job. If you find yourself lying about gambling, the chances are you are on the road to a serious gambling addiction and it’s time to come clean.

Borrowing Money

If you have a gambling addiction there will be a compulsion to play even when you don’t have the money, and you’ll always be chasing a bigger win or greater thrill. If you need to borrow money to fund your gambling habit you are out of control, especially if you are lying to those who are lending you funds in good faith. Maxing out your credit card or even taking out a loan are also signs that your gambling is a problem.

Chasing Losses

If you keep trying to win back the money you have lost and spend more in the process, you need to address your gambling addiction and take a step back for a while. By piling up loss after loss in the pursuit of that one elusive win, you could easily end up in debt and the mind set of always trying to win back the money you have lost is a dangerous one.

Unable to Stop

Although many online casinos make it easy for you to set limits or restrict the time or money you spend, if you have a serious gambling addiction you’ll simply find somewhere else to play. If you find that you cannot fight the urge to play and the desire to get your fix is too strong to resist you need to address the situation quickly.

Obsessive Gambling

If you feel irritable, grumpy or restless if you can’t gamble, can’t stop thinking about the last time you played or when you’ll get to play again, you almost certainly have a gambling addiction. Just like someone with a drug or alcohol dependency, you rely on getting your gambling fix to feed your habit; something is unhealthy no matter what the context.

Stealing to Gamble

Stealing or committing fraud is a serious sign of gambling addiction and one that can lead to incredibly serious consequences such as jail time or a criminal record. Gambling addiction that has gotten to this point is very risky and help quickly needs to be sought, as the urge to play is so strong the potential consequences don’t seem to matter, until it is too late.

Gambling addiction is considered just as serious as alcohol or drug addiction and similar treatment methods may be suggested for someone who has developed what is considered to be a pathological illness.