Bermuda Triangle Slot By Playtech Reviewed

Most of the people on the planet have heard of the Bermuda Triangle. For those who haven’t, it is a notoriously mysterious piece of ocean the runs from Cuba to Bermuda to Florida. Many strange things have been reported in the stretch of ocean, including planes and boats disappearing, and odd flashing lights. One of the most famous cases was a whole squadron of military bomber planes set off from Fort Lauderdale in the USA. They got lost over the Bermuda Triangle and ran out of fuel. A thirteen man rescue plane was sent out to find them, and also disappeared. It was said by their commanding officer that; It was as if they had gone to Mars.

Bermuda Triangle by Playtech is a very simple slot which takes on a very complex subject. The slot has only three reels, which have a total of five paylines. Wager ranges run from 0.01 up to 100 coins per line, which results in a max bet of 500 coins. This will cause your bank balance to disappear very fast however, as if it was a plane in the infamous triangle. Bermuda Triangle is a pretty high volatility slot although it has so few symbols and lines. This means that you may have to wait a bit before you hit any wins. Bermuda Triangle is not a game for all tastes. It is very specific but will appeal to those who love the old school thrill of spinning reels.

Mobile Platform Play

Bermuda Triangle can be played on both the online and mobile platforms. It is supported by iOS and Android and runs very well on most devices. Due to its simplistic graphics and low detail it can easily be viewed on a smaller screen by players of all eyesight levels. Bermuda Triangle can be found in the app store located in your devices applications, or via a web browser. It can also be played for both real and free money.

Simple, Clean Layout

Bermuda Triangle is very simple in its layout. Reminiscent of the games of yore, the three reels sit front and centre of the screen with the pay table to the left and above. The only buttons at the bottom of the screen are Spin, Bet Max and Auto Play. To the left of those is your wager adjustment. Behind the reels is a very simplified scene with a biplane and a thunderstorm. All of the graphics in Bermuda Triangle are very simplified with bright colours and almost no detail. The background sound is the pinging of a submarine which adds to the mysterious feel. The only animation in the game is the biplane behind the reels which rocks as if being buffeted by big winds.

Dolphins And Sharks

There are very few symbols in Bermuda Triangle by Playtech. The main ones are sea creatures, namely a dolphin, a shark and an octopus. These will pay out for three of a kind or three of each. The two higher paying symbols are a sailing ship and an aeroplane. These will also pay out for a combination of three of them, or three of a kind. Bermuda Triangle does not have any special symbols such as wilds or scatters.