Latest Overview of The Foxin Wins Slot Game

Created by Next Gen, the Foxin Wins slot game is available to play via desktop computer or mobile device. It is based around a rather cute theme of a wealthy family of foxes. The father fox will be most commonly known to the player, being that he features prominently. And, with his friendly smile and encouraging thumbs up, the player will soon learn to love the sight of him.

Also present in the game, albeit far less commonly seen, are two rascally young foxes, presumably father fox’s offspring. These two little scamps run and scamper about the play area, getting into all sorts of adorable mischief. Look out for the one who jumps up and down on the sofa, indicating the super bet option. We’ll get to that button in the special features section.

Play Systems

The Foxin Wins slot game utilises a fairly standard five reel play system. The important thing to take note of, however, is that although a 25 betting line system is in place, the player is not able to manipulate the betting lines in any way. All 25 betting lines are used all the time. This may be a bit off putting for players who enjoy a more hands on approach. There is, however, the previously mentioned super bet system, which still allows for strategic play.

Also be sure to take note of the gamble button, located to the left of the spin button. Upon a win being achieved, this button will light up. If the player presses the button, a window will open, showing a facedown playing card. The player may guess the colour of the card, or the suit of the card, in order to double or quadruple their winnings. The process may be repeated until the player decides to take the winnings and return to the main game.

Special Bonus Features

Father fox has already been mentioned in the Foxin Wins slot game. He is the game’s wild symbol, and will quickly become a fond ally of the player. Use him to match with other symbols and create winning sequences. Keep in mind that he may also match with himself, which will be an extremely large payout should the matching sequence be five wild symbols in a row.

Other symbols to look out for include Mrs Fox, who can be seen driving her Rolls Royce. She is the highest paying standard symbol, and will be as welcome as Mr Fox when she appears on the reels.

The Foxin Wins slot game features a delightful mini-game that borders on being cruel. If the scatter symbol is matched, pictured as a pot of gold, a second window will open, showing Mr Fox standing by an empty pot. He will grab a passing leprechaun, selected by you, and shake the poor little fellow over the pot. Coins will fall from the leprechaun’s pockets into the pot, determining how much the player will win.

The last bonus feature to mention is the Foxin wins slot game Super Bet system. Activate the Super Bet via the button on the right, which a little fox will point out. Upon activation Super Bets will add wilds to the reels, but also increase the initial bet. Use at your own discretion.